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From the office to the plant floor, PSANI empowers productivity

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Connect and control every aspect of your production.

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Byte Apex PSANI


Achieving improvement at a single plant is good. Replicating that improvement across all plants and integrating intelligence from the shop floor to the top floor is better.

To protect their margins, manufacturing companies must maximise operational efficiency and quality across production operations. In essence, they must break down information silos in production facilities and between manufacturing and corporate systems.

PSANI from Byte Apex helps our manufacturing clients to bridge the gap between ERP and process control. It allows you to establish common standards and best practice across multiple plants and sites, minimising cost, lead-times, WIP and inventory.

PSANI adds value in the following:

  • Improved product quality assurance
  • Enhanced production performance
  • Reduction in production cost and waste
  • Streamline manufacturing processes
  • Stricter production data integrity and control
  • Optimal production planning
  • Increased resource utilisation efficiency

In addition, our PSANI turnkey solutions improve production tracking, tracing and auditing. Significantly increasing the quality of compliance reporting, while decreasing the burden. PSANI establishes meaningful and actionable dash boards that deliver essential intelligence to production, operations, and business functions across the enterprise.

PSANI Empowers Productivity


Every manufacturing company is focused on the pursuit of sustainable, effective and agile operations. Over the next five to ten years, the winners will be those who understand the value of integration across function, department and process.

Only integration can deliver the actionable intelligence needed for enterprise-wide collaboration - and that collaboration is the key to the reduced time-to-market and greater flexibility needed to satisfy customer demand. With PSANI, being at the helm of production is a reality.

From the office environment to the plant floor, PSANI gears manufacturing across function, department & process. PSANI breaks away from the outdated siloed treatment of applications. Instead it integrates them, creating new and more adaptable service and delivery models that drive efficiency across the manufacturer's organisation. The result is an organisation fine-tuned for speed and agility, able to focus on market challenges while we take care of the technology that enables change. Our approach creates transformational solutions for competitive advantage and commercial flexibility.

Byte Apex is perfectly positioned to help its manufacturing clients achieve the degree of technical and process integration required. This is thanks, in part, to our depth of experience in designing, building and operating information systems in both production and business management environments.

PSANI solution features include:

  • Secure Web based clients to view real time information about your production from anywhere.
  • A centralised hub which connects machine-to-machine and communicates between them (M2M), providing a intelligent network for better control of your manufacturing systems.
  • Manufacturing systems monitoring and alarming in real-time
  • A secure API for interconnectivity between ERP and Manufacturing Plant floor systems, using industry standards such as SOA or high speed messaging platforms.
  • Enhanced production performance with high speed data acquisition capabilities and uncompromising data integrity.
  • Improved production intelligence into operations, resource utilisation, stock control and materials management, product tracking, production quality and throughput.

Critically, we are expert in transforming real-time manufacturing data-flows into actionable intelligence - and this is the key to more responsive, more agile and more collaborative manufacturing practice.

Where Byte Apex has been invited to implement a PSANI solution, results are significant and quantifiable:

Productivity up 10-15%
Resource utilisation up 10-20%
Stock losses down 25-50%
Throughput time down 10-20%
Delivery reliability up 15-20%
Planning accuracy up 25-80%

PSANI Centralised Control


PSANI is a solution that uses modern IT practices and innovative software technology to connect manufacturing machinery and enterprise application systems, yielding centralised production management and control.

A PSANI solution consists of various components:

Essential to every PSANI installation is the central processing and data acquisition server, PSANI Elements, which is at the heart of each production plant. It is a SCADA component that is used by systems integrators and developers, when automation of production fulfilment at a manufacturing facility is needed. PSANI elements has two modules, PSANI DB and PSANI Core, both requiring implementation and setup for processing systems control and data acquisition at a plant. The PSANI DB module provides for storage of production processing and tracking information. The PSANI core module is a JAVA API Framework that systems integrators and developers can use for Serial or IP based data transmission to and from equipment, such as Computers, PLCs, Scanners, Printers and other automation machinery.

PSANI work cells provide manufacturing operational capabilities to handle production workflows and work order processing. Work cells have a user interface that allows operators to control and monitor manufacturing processes. Work cells perform control calls and data acquisition to manufacturing equipment via the PSANI Elements component. Each work cell has role based security for precise access control and work authorisations. PSANI Work cells are customised to production requirements and implemented onsite by a Byte Apex engineer.

The PSANI Production Network component streamlines production fulfilment between corporate head offices, production admin offices and manufacturing facilities. It handles workflow management, production order creation and processing, planning, product profiling, materials handling, stock inventory, product tracking and auditing.

With built in intelligence for production performance reporting, monitoring, alarming and notifications on your daily production fulfilment, PSANI Intelligence keeps you at the helm of your production data. PSANI Integration brings production and IT together, it is used for collaboration between manufacturing systems and enterprise IT systems including ERP, WMS and proprietary EIS systems. PSANI Integration has a web services library, which caters for several manufacturing/IT integration requirements out the box. Further customisations can be developed to meet additional requirements.

Software Consulting


Our software consulting services provide valuable insight to our customers into their software application needs. Our process for software consulting is conducted with zero-risk to customer and your first consultation will be absolutely free. Our consulting services cover software solution aspects and deliverables including:

  • Proposals
  • Project Charter, Scope and Budgets
  • Project Management and Implementation Strategies
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Return on investment
  • Defining Solution Architectures & Design
  • Proof of Concepts and Prototyping
  • Software Delivery Processes
  • Hardware and Infrastructure Planning
  • Non-functional requirements including:
    • Scalability
    • Performance
    • Availability
    • Maintenance
    • Manageability
    • Extensibility
    • Reliability
    • Security
    • Auditing
  • Testing and release management
  • Software support and maintenance

Contact us for a free consultation before proceeding with your next software solution, you can make a call from there if you would like to formalise further consultations, with no obligation to proceed if you wish. You have nothing to lose and could save precious time, resources and money with the insights you will gain from consulting with Byte Apex IT.

If you wish to proceed with further consultations we will guide you through each aspect you can expect to encounter and provide documentation in the form of proposals, specifications and plans. These assets will equip you in making the smartest decision on how to proceed with the delivery of you software solution. You will have us backing you, mitigating unnecessary risk, and helping you manage your software solution delivery expectations.

Software Engineering


Software engineering is the application of engineering to the design, development, and maintenance of software. Byte Apex IT is a software solutions company that has its primary business focus set to deliver and maintain software solutions that add true business value to our customers. As a young company, with a hunger for success, we believe that in order to achieve our business goals, it is not just required for us to exude excellence in our quality of software, but also to deliver 100% commitment to servicing the software needs of our customers.

When employing Byte Apex for our software engineering services you get a complete solution with comprehensive documentation for planning, analysis and design, testing, configuration, deployment and usage manuals of the software solution. With each release of software we provide analysis, design, prototyping, development, factory acceptance testing/ component integration testing, quality assurance testing, installation / deployment, maintenance and software support.

Our customer's software engineering projects are completed within their budget and in accordance to planned deadlines. We make it our business to offer maximum value in our software delivery for our customers, and keep them informed through each step of the software development lifecycle. We deliver professional software development and experienced technology insights for enterprise systems used in developing our customers software solutions, including:

  • Operating Systems - Ubuntu Server, Windows Server, Redhat Server, Oracle Solaris and IBM AIX
  • Cloud Based Systems - OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, IBM SmartCloud and Oracle Cloud
  • Database Management Systems (DBMS) - MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2
  • Industrial Automation Systems - Siemens and Schneider PLC devices, photoelectric sensors, barcode scanners, industrial printers, industrial touch screens, robots, weighing scales, motors
  • Enterprise Software Systems - Online customer and back office portals, online payment processing, automated billing systems, mobile systems (SMS, USSD), content management (CMS), customer relations (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management (WMS), manufacturing execution (MES) and enterprise application integration (EAI)

We handle the complexity of these enterprise systems with our specialist capabilities in TOGAF architectures and object orientated programming. Our knowledge of hardware, databases, web, middleware, security, clustering, plc and networking guarantees the successful implementation of your software solution. If you need a turnkey software engineering solution, or an upgrade to your current systems, or integration between systems, or just want to enquire about solutions for your business needs, then leave your details and we will contact you back for a free consultation.

PSANI Professional Services


Setup and Implementation of the PSANI Components differs in price and time for each customer implementation. The PSANI components have many configurations that enable quicker implementation times, and are tailored to most manufacturing and production businesses. For when there is specific production requirements that have to be implemented then development and customization services are offered.

PSANI customization could be something very small or something more significant, like developing a proprietary module for your company. Either way, our development team is eager to help you meet your production needs with PSANI. We are also engaged in ongoing development and enhancements, so if there is something you need, it is a good idea to check in with us and see what we can do.

Besides providing powerful production management and industrial automation software, Byte Apex IT can also provide a complete turn-key solution ready for installation. This includes system design, integration with third party devices, PLC programming and control boxes, complete PSANI setup, and custom work cells. Our goal is to make sure that using PSANI for your production and automation needs is a huge success.

Each PSANI component is licensed monthly:

  • PSANI Elements is licensed per server install.
  • PSANI Work cells are licensed per work station.
  • PSANI Network is licensed per user, with a minimum install of a 5 user license required
  • PSANI Integration and Intelligence Framework is licensed per installed server (unlimited integrations)

PSANI Elements comes with free remote support via email during business hours. All other PSANI components require a Support SLA purchase to receive priority response, resolution and repair. You can purchase a support SLA from Byte Apex IT, and we will assist you with whatever your needs are: Installation, setup, production issues or training. Support sessions can be conducted via phone, email, meetings and onsite call outs. Our time will be billed in 15 minute increments and our standby schedule is flexible to meet your business needs, we provide support from one shift per day up to three shifts per day when you operate production 24/7/365. We understand the impact of downtime on production and make every effort to avoid downtime by providing routine maintenance and regular PSANI health checks. In the event that there is production downtime, you can count on us to deliver the support services needed with the utmost priority and professionalism.

If you are interested in proceeding with a PSANI solution for your production facility and would like to find out more, please download our PSANI product info sheet or contact us for a free consultation.